Thursday, March 25, 2004

Getting Stuff Done!

Few things annoy me more than people who hold up progress. After 3 phone calls and an email I finally finalized our new home (#4) in Jacksonville. I scheduled cable, high speed internet (of course), electricity, and disconnecting of everything here in Corpus. We will be using Comcast in Jax, pricing looks a little cheaper than Time Warner or Cox. We get to reuse our Modem we bought through Cox (TW provided their own). Rikki dug the old modem out this morning. I scheduled Cable disconnect for the 22nd. I asked them to come in the morning and the lady said they can't schedule for a specific time during the day.... An 8 hour work day and they can't narrow it down to the morning hours (our final checkout will be 2 pm)? I'm boggled. I booked a hotel for the 23rd in Corpus (Ramada Inn) and I think we are as prepared as we can be. We are getting really good at moving.

I added arch support to my running shoes (cardboard and medical tape). Seemed to work really well. My foot is barely sore, still icing it and taking it easy to be safe. Funny, I gained more weight visiting Gram for a few days than a week long Carnival cruise.

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