Saturday, March 20, 2004

The Day at Gram's

Our one day of relaxation. We slept and relished the fact that we didn't have to unload or pack the truck for one day. Gram and Lawrence took us on a tour of the Ravine and the waterfront in Palatka. The ravine was an impressive site, too bad most of the azaleas had gone by. Lunch was just salad to prepare ourselves for dinner at the Golden Corral with their huge buffet (another first for Rikki and I). They had a huge variety including shrimp for me, pizza for rikki, and steak for Lawrence. Followed by the dessert buffet for us all. We rolled out to the car afterwords and went back to Grams to play another round of dominoes with Roger, Betty, and Gene.

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#1 Bro said...

Sounds like you ate your way through FL. We got the Golden Corral experience when we visited Gram and Lawrence, too. All you can eat steak? That spells trouble. Had no idea Grandmother was a Red Hatter. That's cool.
What, no commentary about Mississippi or Alabama? Those are two of my favorite states in the Union. One of the best touristy experience I ever had was from stopping for a homemade sign for a "Gator Farm and Airboat Rides" along that road from Pensacola.