Monday, March 15, 2004

A Day at the Doctors

I spent the morning completing my annual aviation physical. It started out with height/weight/blood pressure/vision check. Then I went for dental x-rays, times 2. The first set didn't come out well. Followed by the typical poking and prodding for them to sign me off. Next was the lab where they took blood for my annual HIV test. I lucked out at immunizations next... no new shots! Then to the audiogram lab. My hearing is definitely not perfect, but it was enough to get me by. I hate going in that soundproof booth, putting on those cheap headsets made in the 60's and clicking that button whenever I think I hear a tone. Then it was to optometry where they blew that puff of air into my eye. That is always unpleasant. With all of those areas signed off I went in to see the flight surgeon. I decided to tell him about the foot pain I have been having. Nothing major but I'm afraid it could develop into something bad. It is called Plantar Fasciitis. Just an irritation to the tendon at the bottom of your foot. It has been sore every morning and became irritated from a run 2 days ago. Normally I would just rest, ice, stretch, and wait it out. But, I have done nothing to strain my foot. I've been exercising regularly, shoes are new but broken in, my workouts have not changed in intensity, and there is no reason for this to happen (other than old age, and I'm not using that excuse yet). I was much harder on my body running cross country in college and I never had this problem. Yesterday I remembered about 3 years ago I stepped on a mechanical pencil lead and it was buried deep into my left heel. When I went to the doc he cut it out and "thought he got it all." Stupid me didn't get an x-ray to be sure (the doctor at Norwich didn't even mention the possibility). So I put 2 and 2 together. The irritation could be from a piece of graphite that worked its way against the bone. So I told the flight surgeon and he scheduled me for an x-ray. I went down and took care of it immediately. He said he would call me if the x-rays showed anything abnormal. It would be 24-48 hours. Until then I'll be taking it easy and just going to the gym, no running. The whole fiasco took from 7-11. Not bad. I was impressed that dental finally has their x-rays scanned into a computer where they can blow it up and actually see things. Every torture chamber has their own computer and I got my first good look at my teeth. Much easier to see on a 19" monitor blown up X10 than those 3X2" x-ray photos. Time to go help pack. House hunting leave to jacksonville.... oh joy.


Doc said...

Nate...I think I remember when you stepped on that pencil. I was either in the room when it happened, or you told me about it later that day. Hope it dosen't give you any problems, but it was good for a laugh back in Alumni Hall.

nate said...

Hey Doc, yeah I blame it on Rikki. It happened over at the Tyner's. It wasn't so bad. I was able to go to all my classes in PT gear for a week or two.
Rikki and I are off to Jax early tomorrow. Will leave the webpage up but not sure if it will stay up for a full 10 days. We'll see.

#1 Bro said...

That goes along with the crayon you shoved up your nose and never found as a kid. They do x-rays to find that one? "Indian Red" if I remember correctly. Ahhh, the good old politically incorrect days.