Tuesday, January 27, 2004


December 23rd Nathan finishes his last and final flight. Our parents prepare to come down for Nathan's winging. In the mean time Nathan has a month so he has SDO, Squadron Duty Officer. The parents get their flights finalized and send us their itinerary. Nathan's parents will be here from January 21st - 26th and my mom is here from January 22nd - 25th.
Finally the big week is here. Wednesday the 21st Nathan's parents arrive in the afternoon and we have supper here at the house. In the morning we take Chip and Donna for a walk around the base. In the afternoon we go pick up mom and on the way back home we stop off at the mall for Nathan to pick out his gift. Then we stop to pick up the cake. That evening we eat here at the house.
The morning of the 23rd we eat and I take the ladies to go grocery shopping. When we get back we head to a meeting with the XO. This was a meeting to explain what will be going on with the students and for the parents and family members to ask questions. After the meeting we head to the hangar. We get a chance to sit in the plane and check out the instruments. We head upstairs to watch the planes take off and come in for a landing. We then head over to The Wing Headquarters to sit in the simulator and learn to fly the plane. Everyone got a chance to fly. We all agreed that we wouldn't be able to concentrate on all the instruments and fly at the same time. All of us crashed at least once.
The afternoon of the 23rd we head home to relax a little before we get ready for thh big ceremony. At 3:20pm we head to the ballroom to get seats and Nathan explains what will be happening. I receive a spousal award for being there and helping Nathan. Then I get to pin Nathan's wings on and Chip, Donna and Pat accompany me in the process. The class gets there picture taken and the ladies order pictures. Nathan heads for some Hor'Douvers since he had to pay for it. At 5:30pm we head to the dining room for dinner at the O'Club. After dinner we head home and have cake and open gifts.

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