Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Events After Winging

Saturday the 24th we tour the USS Lexington. It is interesting to see the older ships. We tour the engine room, the mess deck, hangar deck, flight deck and much more. In the afternoon we take a break for lunch. After lunch we head to the Texas State Aquarium. We saw many exhibits and spent a total of 2 hours walking around to see all the exhibits. When we get home in the evening we make homemade pizza for dinner.
Sunday the 25th we bring my mom to the airport in the early morning. Nathan and I go back to bed when we get home. I get up with enough time to take a shower and get ready for church. While I am at chruch Nathan and his parents head to the beach on base. When I get back we go to the O'Club for Sunday morning breakfast. It is the warmest it has been all week. So we head to the Padre Island Beach. We head home and relax. In the evening we go out for dinner in town.
Monday the 26th we take Chip and Donna to the airport early in the morning. It was a great week and hard to say goodbye to our parents.

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