Friday, December 19, 2003

Holiday and Wings of Gold

Wednesday, December 17th Nathan gets his second chance. He passes with flying colors J! We call the parents and let them know the good news and that we know WITH ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that Nathan will now be winged on January 23rd. The last four flights that he has WILL NOT cause him to not get his wings. Nathan and I are staying in Corprus for Christmas so Nathan was told that he would be flying during Christmas Break. Finally after three months of the roller coaster consistently falling we are on a return ride up the hill.

Friday, December 12, 2003


The afternoon of December 9th Nathan meets with the Commodore. He is gone for an hour. In the mean time I was home waiting by the door. He gets home and says the Commodore hadn’t made a decision. Another meeting is set up for the following day where the Commodore will have made a decision about Nathan’s fate. But we do know that our options are of one of two choices: get another chance at the program or get kicked out of the Navy. Navy has too many active duty personnel right now so if a student doesn’t make it through the flight program they will be discharged from the Navy. Nathan meets with the Commodore on December 10th at 2pm, 24 hours after the first meeting. Nathan is home ten minutes later. The Commodore tells Nathan that he is impressed with how he handled himself the day before and gives Nathan a second chance. Finally good news!! The agreement is that Nathan will do one simulator and two practice flights before he repeats the check ride that he failed.

Monday, December 08, 2003

Dance Ends

December 1st another month of tuition is due for the Dance Studio. I only pay for one class instead of four. I decide to drop the others because they were working on dance recital routines and I am not sure if we are going to be around till the end of May to perform with them. I thought that would be unfair and I felt uncomfortable. Some of the classes that I was registered in were just too big and knowing that if I were gone that would leave another 5 feet worth of dancing space on the floor that would be appreciated. So I stick with the Hip Hop Performance Team because I really enjoy the class and get along great with everyone.
Saturday, December 6th show up for the normal 2.5 hour practice and thinking that we were going to finish the second routine to perform on the 19th more bad news was about to hit me. The Team is terminated. WHAT??? There will be no more team, no more class and no more performances. The owner, Sandra, has a rule about wanting 8 students in a class in order for the class to be official. Well there were only 6 of us now so she made a “grave” decision to terminate us. NO ONE is happy with this decision. I ask Derek if it is possible to get a refund for the class since I wasn’t going to take any of the other two classes that were offered. I was registered for one of the other two classes and it was too big. I didn’t want to register for the other one because being a part of the team my technique is more advanced than that class. So a refund is given and I bid farewell to Derek. He completely understood. I will miss him!!