Saturday, July 26, 2003

24th Birthday

My birthday, the big 24! Nathan takes me out to get a birthday cake. I hadn’t had ice cream in a while and felt like an ice-cream cake. We first stop off at Best Buy and pick up a DVD. In the same plaza we stop off at Baskin Robbins and pick up a small sheet cake. When we get home I open presents and then we have the ice-cream cake. After cake we sit down and start to watch the DVD we bought. With the start of movie we realize that the wrong disc was placed in the case. We need to return that.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Fourth Hurricane

On July 14th late in the evening a Category 1 Hurricane Claudette packed some strong winds felt in Galveston, TX. There was a possibility that the base may be evacuated. Nathan and I prepared everything that we could in case we had to leave including filling the vehicles with gas, making a list of things that we would need to wait and pack in the morning and getting directions to the base in San Antonio. An evacuation order was never given so we prepared the house in case of flooding and loss of electricity.
Claudette makes landfall the morning of July 15th north of us in Port O’Connor. Claudette’s impact on Corpus Christi was a very rare cloudy and rainy summer day. The winds were not severe enough to cause major damage or to even interrupt a normal day of events.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003


In early July I did some research on local dance studios. There were three that I was interested in. I first thought about location. I didn’t want to drive too far from the base. I want dance to be that stress reliever not a stress factor. I then called the studios and found out information about them. I decided to take summer classes at The Dance Studio. They sent me a brochure in the mail that gave a summer class schedule and general information about the studio. After taking summer classes I felt like the studio best suited my needs and qualifications. So I took home a class schedule for the 2003-2004 year and talked to Nathan about it. I enrolled in Hip Hop I, Tap Plus and Just Dance (a beginner’s jazz class). The studio does not offer ballet for all ages. Ballet is only offered for ages 3-7.

Monday, July 07, 2003

One-Year Anniversary

Our one-year anniversary! I ordered purple paper roses. I had each of the dozen roses personalized with photos of Nathan and I. I e-mailed my digital photos and instructions to the company and filled out the ordered form and mentioned that I sent a personal e-mail with instructions. When the roses came in they were in a vase, placed inside a translucent box and then carefully wrapped inside a box. I opened the package to check and make sure that everything was ok and then sprayed the roses with my favorite body spray.
I cooked one of our favorite meals and set the table with our wedding candle and glasses. I had the Bakery at the Commissary make our cake. Our wedding cake was not preserved very well at my parents’ house. When Nathan and I went to pick it up in May we found it squashed and with freezer burn. I took a close up picture of the wedding cake and asked the commissary to try and decorate it the same way. Having the same cake made wasn’t a problem. However once cutting into the cake it was rather disappointing. It was not what I requested and especially after the bakery called to confrim my order I was surprised. This put a damper on things.
After dinner and dessert we took Angel out on our daily evening walk on the beach. When we got back from the walk Nathan and I sat down and watched a DVD. It was a very nice evening that was uninterrupted by phone calls from SDO or peers looking for homework help.