Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Settling In

Since class didn’t start until June 12th Nathan and I did a lot of silly little things to help make the transition to the new home a little easier. We raked, mowed, seeded and watered both the back and front yard. We cleaned out the rain gutters and disinfected the house. Talked to the on base post office and had the name changed on the mailbox. We bought items for our hurricane preparedness kit; hurricane preparedness is taken very seriously here. Turned in our inspection sheet of things wrong with the house and became familiar with the base and town.
The movers arrived a week and a half after packing our belongings. This was nice compared to the wait that we had once we arrived in Pensacola. Nathan and I unpacked, organized and cleaned again. I used my washer and dryer for the first time too. It is nice not to have to wait and do laundry all in one day a week. Nice to be able to bleach whites too without worrying I might ruin someone else’s load of laundry. It is a big change going from a one bedroom of 690 sq. ft. to a two bedroom of 1068 sq. ft. There is a lot more storage and closet space. I hope that this does not spoil us!

Sunday, June 08, 2003

Advanced Training

Nathan checked in on June 1st. Once checked in Nathan found that he would not be training in the T-44 but that he would be flying in the TC-12 Huron. He is assigned to Training Wing 4 in Fixed Wing Training Squadron 35 or VT-35. Classes for advanced training are Flight Procedures, Instrument Navigation, Aerodynamics, Federal Rules and Regulations, Systems, Visual Navigation and Meteorology.

Thursday, June 05, 2003

Second Move

May 29th Nathan detaches and the movers arrive. When they are done and have everything in the truck we check out of the apartment and head for our new home, our first home in NAS Corpus Christi, TX.