Friday, May 23, 2003

First House Hunting Leave

Monday, the evening of May 19th, we left for a ten-day house hunting leave trip. Nathan called the BOQ, Bachelor Officer’s Quarters, at NAS Corpus Christi for us to stay there for two days. They assigned us to a room at the Navy Lodge. When we arrived at Corpus Christi on the 20th we dropped the puppy off at the Bluff Boarding Kennel. This is a great place to kennel your dog. Angel was very well taken care of and her dish was cleaned everyday. We checked in at the BOQ in the afternoon and then headed to our room to unpack.
We drove over to housing. We were hoping for a list of recommended apartments in the area based off our needs and wants. When stopping off at the housing center, much to our surprise, we found out that there were two houses on base that were available. When checking out the housing website two months prior there was a waiting list of three months. I also made a call to housing and was told the same thing. There was one house that was available for an immediate move in and another would not be available for two more weeks. We went to check out the unit that was available right away and decided we liked it. We went back to fill out all the paperwork: housing application, give a current LES and Page 2. With that all taken care of we were given the address and the number to contact cable. We called Time Warner and made an appointment for them to hook up cable in the house. Then it was off to the Vet on base. Needed to get paperwork filled out for the dog so that she would be registered here on base. We set her up with her first appointment. Then we made an appointment for her spay. This needed to be done at the Humane Society. The vet is not equipped to handle surgery of that nature. We headed off to the NEX Furniture Gallery and purchased our first washer and dryer. Made the appointment for set-up and delivery.
In the evening I called Allison. She is a consultant for L.K. Jordan & Associates. I made an appointment with her later in the afternoon. The appointment was to go in for an interview. When going in for the interview I filled out an application, went over rules and regulations for the company, safety standard video and met with Allison. I wanted to set myself up with a job as soon as possible. I didn’t want to end up sitting on my butt like I did in Pensacola.
The 21st we explored the base and checked out some of the town. On the 22nd we checked out of the BOQ, picked up the puppy from the kennel and headed back to Pensacola. A very productive 2 days!

Monday, May 19, 2003

First Visit Home

May 2nd Nathan received word that his request for leave went through. We made the 24-hour journey back to Vermont on May 5th. We stopped the evening of May 5th in Charlotte, NC. May 6th we made it to my nana and papa’s house for the evening and May 7th we made it to Vermont. Katy, my sister, and her boyfriend Kenny graduate from College, Norwich University on May 11th or Mother’s Day. Katy graduated with a degree in Computer Science and Kenny graduated with a degree in Sports Medicine. We made the return drive back to Pensacola, FL on May 15th. Spent the night of the 15th in Roanoke, Virginia and made it to Pensacola on the afternoon of the 16th.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

Pensacola Review

With the ten months that we were in Pensacola I never got a job. I looked in the local newspaper, Pensacola News Journal and online at Monster, Yahoo Hotjobs and Monster FlipDog. I also went for help at Fleet Family and Support. I also should have gone to an employment agency but I thought that I had enough resources at this point and I only thought that we would be in Pensacola for 6 months. I wasn’t expecting to be there for almost a year.