Friday, April 18, 2003

How quickly time flies. Been

How quickly time flies. Been busy finishing up primary flight training. Am now into intermediates and very happy with how things have turned out. I went through selection a few weeks ago and somehow managed to get my first choice. I will be flying the P-3 Orion for the Navy. I decided against jets because I did not want to go back to the ship. Decided against helo's since I didn't want to fly an aircraft that doesn't glide. Needless to say with the War and numerous accidents the entire family was pleased with the results. Many of my friends did not get what they wanted. No one complains though. I don't know where my luck comes from.

Finally caught up on things. My night VNAV (visual navigation) was canceled so I have the weekend off. Tactical formation flights monday. That should be fun. Preparing for my Cross Country flight up to ME & VT. Just stopping home for one day. Have to make the rounds visiting all the family.

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