Monday, January 27, 2003

Time Flies

Hard to believe things go by so quickly. Finished up my aerobatics and have also completed formation flying. That was a blast. I got a great partner and we enjoyed it. One of my instructors (the only female instructor in the squadron)told me I was unique. She said unlike most people I don't seem to get uncomfortable when I get in close ;-P Parade position for formations is 3 ft between wingtips, 10 ft step-down, and 10 ft nose to tail. I am now back in ground school for radio instruments a break from flying. A week of class, a week of simulators, then back in the plane.

Friday, January 24, 2003

Time to go to the Gym

It was a good day to fly. My instructor pilot for the day was also prior enlisted. Swapped some sea stories. Boosted my spirit because it reminded me how good of a life I really have now. Too bad it takes reminders. Another check-ride and solo tomorrow (if I pass the check-ride).

Quote of the day: From the wife when I picked her up and carried her over to the futon:
"Why is your face getting red?" (she ways 105 lbs. soaking wet) I need to get to the Gym!

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Going Solo

Finally, after 3 weeks of warm-ups and check-rides I completed my solo today. I had a warm-up check-ride this morning then the solo in the afternoon. The standby airport was shutdown when I soloed. Had no idea why until I got home. A civilian helicopter crashed and the pilot was killed there. The wife got upset over it. I forgot to write an entry yesterday. Nothing to report really. The winds were gusting up to 25 knots. Hard freeze warning in effect past 2 days. Actually dropping well below zero. Into the teens. I need sleep badly. The "worst" part of my training should be over. I start aerobatics monday. Looking forward to the more laid-back training atmosphere. At least I hope it gets better.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Another Rainy Day

Solo flight canceled again. This means I have to do a warm-up before I can do the solo. How annoying. Made it to the Gym today while I waited for my flight to be canceled. Read a reader's digest while on the bike then played racquetball by myself, how boring! Need to find a racquetball partner.

Quote of the day: I believe in acts of random kindness.

Monday, January 20, 2003

Solo Cancelled

My morning solo was canceled due to weather. Same for me afternoon aerobatics. If I fail to get my solo in tomorrow I will have to do another check-ride (5 day window between check-ride and solo). I do not want to have to go through another check-ride.

Quote from the wife: "eat my dust bunnies"

A definition from Contact FTI (flight training instruction)
Acrobatics- Something that circus performers do while wearing brightly colored tights. NOT to be confused with aerobatics.