Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Movers Arrive

The movers did not arrive until after Nathan had started classes or two and a half weeks after we got to Pensacola. This caused a slight problem. Thank goodness for POAs (Power of Attorney’s). Since the move was set up before Nathan and I were officially husband and wife I needed to have a POA for Personal Property, which was faxed once they called me to let me know the movers were in town and were ready to deliver and one for the delivery guy. Without the POAs our belongings would have been put into storage on base until Nathan and I could go pick it up.

Monday, August 05, 2002


Nathan was stationed at NAS Pensacola (Naval Air Station Pensacola) for API or Aviation Pre-flight Indoctrination. He reported July 19th as ordered. API classes however did not start until August 2nd. So during the two week break Nathan registered me for TRICARE Prime. I requested this because TRICARE Prime is like an HMO. While under my parents’ health insurance our provider was an HMO. I know the rules and what I am suppose to do. I was assigned to a doctor at the Naval Hospital located at Corry Station. I was initially afraid to see a military doctor because in my mind I thought a military doctor should deal with military personnel only. But once seeing the doctor and being in the hospital I took note that there were more civilians in the waiting room than there were military personnel. My physician was great and not only told me to call for medical problems but in realizing that I was a new military wife told me to call with any questions. Whether it was for military information or about the town and town events.
There is a pharmacy in the hospital where military and their dependants can pick up there prescriptions for FREE.
We also went and got base stickers for both cars at Pass and Tag. To do this you need your driver’s license, registration and insurance.