Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Our First Place

July 16th at about 9:30pm EST Nathan’s “Red Beast” almost broke down. We pulled into a motel once reaching the Alabama border for the evening. Early in the morning Nathan took the car to the mechanic. The left front axle was broken and needed to be repaired. At 11:30am EST we were back on the road. We reached Pensacola, FL at 1:30pm CST. We stopped at Ashley Club Apartments in hopes for finding a one-bedroom apartment; they were not going to have one available for another 2 weeks. We headed to their sister site, Arbor Club Apartments, they had a one-bedroom apartment without washer and dryer hook-up and it was on the second floor. We took it right away. Materials required for renting the one bedroom apartment were current LES (Leave and Earnings Statement), driver’s license and Nathan’s work phone number. The manager did a credit check and we signed a copy of the lease and a military clause.

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