Friday, September 14, 2018

Hurricanes So Far

Appreciate everyone looking out for us. We are well prepared and have been through a few hurricanes now.

These are ones I remember or Rikki blogged about, I'm sure there are more we have forgotten

Tropical Storm
September 12
Category 3 hurricane
September 14
Category 1 hurricane
October 3
Category 1 hurricane
July 15
Category 1 hurricane
August 16
Tropical Storm
August 12
Category 4 hurricane
August 13
Category 2 hurricane
September 5
Category 3 hurricane
September 16
Category 3 hurricane
September 26
Category 1 hurricane
October 16
Category 1 hurricane
October 29
Category 1 hurricane
September 14

And typhoon Ewiniar during deployment in 2006

Saturday, August 25, 2018

5 days in Asheville, NC

If you have not spent some time in Asheville, NC I recommend it.  We stayed in a cute little cabin that I booked through HomeAway.  It was pet-friendly and very convenient to places I hoped we could see.  Renting a place via HomeAway was cheaper than any hotel I found in Asheville and came with extra accommodations that I thought were well worth the money.

On the way to Asheville Angel had herself in quite a unique position.  She had fallen asleep and managed to end up on her back with her feet in the air wedged between my seat and her bed, while her head was hanging down to the side.  Did I mention that I should start a blog section specific to The Things Angel Does/Gets Into?!

On Tuesday Nathan and I spent the day at the beautiful Biltmore Estate.  I paid a little extra for the rooftop tour so we could take in some beautiful mountain views.  Nathan was rather impressed with my selfie skills.  When you pay for admission to the estate that includes access to Antler Hill Village and Farm.  We saw those two places last and I didn't get any photos while there.

Wednesday I was hoping we could do a day of trails at the North Carolina Arboretum.  The trails are pet-friendly and I was hoping a good day of exercise for Angel to help her lose some weight.  We did one two-mile trail and walked around the main buildings and then had to call it a day.

On the way back home on Wednesday we did stop at the Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor Center.  The Mountain to Sea Trail connects here.
On Thursday Morning Nathan and I hiked up the hill and mountain side where we were staying in Asheville to get on the path to the Mountain to Sea Trail.  That was an emotional experience for me.  I didn't have the trust in myself with regards to foot placement to think I could get up to the trail and then back down off the trail.  Where we climbed up to get to the trail was rather steep and there wasn't a very well laid out path through the woods. Anyway, it was about a half mile hike on the Mountain to Sea Trail to the first lookout.

Thursday afternoon we thought it would be neat to learn a little history about the town of Asheville.  We followed the Asheville Urban Trail in downtown.  It was very neat.  It reminds me of the Freedom Trail in Boston that you can walk.  Downtown Asheville is also quite busy like Boston which was a surprise considering the difference when compared to the area of Asheville where we were staying which was woods on a mountainside and very quiet.

On Friday we were back on our way home.  This time Angel didn't have herself contorted.

Sunday, August 05, 2018

He is Home!

It is Sunday.  Nathan has been home for a couple of days.  I am ecstatic to have him back home!  These three pictures below are of Nathan leaving back in March.

The below images are of his return home August 1st.

The day before he came home that last lily opened up.

We both had the day off from work the day after he got back.  Then we both worked on Friday.  Nathan brought home some cute gifts for me for our Anniversary and my birthday.  Meet my new friends.

Vacation next week.  I am looking forward to that.  How is the end of your summer?

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Homecoming this week

I have one lily with one bud on it that is just getting ready to bloom.  If it is still on the stem on Wednesday that will be a wonderful gift.  Nathan says, saving the best for last :)

I sent to Nathan earlier this month for our Anniversary a large flat rate box filled with things that he likes; Oreo Thin Mints, KitKats, dark chocolate, chocolate covered blueberries, beef jerky, granola and some other items I can't remember and an anniversary card of course.  Nathan sent me the cutest card with stick people wearing conveniently, the same color clothes as our wedding outfits.  Plus Nathan gave me a call and we were able to talk for half an hour.  Communication has been mostly email with a once a month phone call.

My birthday was very nice.  Lots of messages, calls, texts from friends and family.  Nathan sent a card 2 weeks ago but it still hasn't arrived.  He also called.  There was a full moon that night and I snapped some pictures just before I went to bed.


Yesterday was a lunar eclipse for part of the world.  Unfortunately it wasn't visible here in the states but I did watch it online for a good portion of the afternoon.  It was unbelievable!  It will be interesting to see how the Lunar Eclipse in January compares to this one.  The eclipse in January will be visible to those here in the states.  Nathan was lucky enough to be in a location to see this one.  I will let him talk about that when he gets home. 

I usually go cleaning crazy before Nathan comes home.  I am cleaning but not to my extreme OCD like previous deployments.  You know I am starting to think that self cleaning ovens are a good and bad thing.  It is 83 degrees in here right now.  The smell and the slight watering of the eyes is not fun.  But even with those annoyances I am grateful because I can never seem to self-clean an oven properly where we aren't charged for it and I honestly don't have the time nor the energy for it anymore.

I have grocery shopping and dusting that I will do tomorrow.  I will change the sheets on the bed and vacuum on Tuesday.  It really isn't too bad in here.

I hope you all are enjoying your summer!  My understanding is that some kids go back to school around the end of August.  Be safe and appreciate each other.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Almost at the one month point

until deployment is over.  I wanted to give you an update on some things.

Miss Angel had her vet appointment.  The vet facility here on post is very nice.  The staff is friendly.  Angel had her annual checkup, three-year rabies vaccination, and distemper shot.  She is 17lbs and needs to lose a little bit of weight.  So no human food and I am reducing down how much I feed her for the two meals.

I have finished reading the third book.  The first book was The Surrendered Wife by Laura Doyle.  I liked this book very much because I felt like it put into words what a male or how a male thinks in a relationship.  The second book, Stories around the Table by Elva Resa.  This book is a collection of stories that both military spouses and Veteran spouses share in regards to their experience as a military or Veteran family.  The third book, Dinner with the Smileys by Sarah Smiley is a book about an active duty family and the dinner guests they have once a week, while a US Sailor is deployed for 13 months.

Work has kept me busy with new tasks.  As Budget Manager I am responsible for tracking expenses and revenue from projects.  I am using the University financing system to become as familiar with that as possible and learning how to pull reports.

I have started some planning for Nathan's homecoming as well as doing a little research on a possible vacation.

I put together and sent off the last package to Nathan before he comes home.  I have called it the Anniversary Package.  I am hoping he gets it for our Anniversary.

The lilies are finally blooming and I don't think Nathan and I could have literally planned that any better.  The lilies opening up so close to our Anniversary.  The banana trees/plants are also rather tall.
All the lilies
First lily plant blooming

I see you!
The banana plant

An insurance quote did come in for the modular home, $1800 to $2000.  Have you had any luck with insurance for a modular home over 30 years old?

How was the rest of your spring start to the summer?